House Rules

Our goal is to provide you with convenient, affordable student accommodation rental so that you can focus on your studies.

To ensure the success in achieving this result for all students, we do require all tenant’s and their guests to abide by the following House Rules.

  1. Tenants and Guest Behaviour: Tenants and their guests must be mindful of others at all times. This means that tenants and their guests must not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of other tenants.
  2. Guests: Limit the length of time guests stay. In respect of the other tenants we ask that you limit guests stays to be on weekends only. Guests staying over night are only permitted to do so in the tenants personal bedrooms and not in common areas. Tenants must make sure their guests are aware of, and follow, the house rules.
  3. Smoking: No smoking is permitted within the houses. All smoking must be done outside and cigarette butts and ash is to be disposed of in ash trays only.
  4. Gardens: The Owner of the house will ensure the gardens are looked after. With this being said, no tenant or their guest should damage the garden, dispose of rubbish or cigarettes in the garden, or in any way create additional work, or repairs of the garden area.
  5. Maintenance of Rooms: Each tenant is responsible for keeping his or her bedroom tidy. Whilst we don’t expect your bedroom to be tidy all the time please be aware that dirt can cause damage to the rooms.
  6. Common Areas: Tenants should work together to ensure the upkeep of common areas of the house – including the bathroom, kitchen, and lounge room.
  7. Internet Services: Internet services are for tenants only and are provided for the primary purpose of study. Any tenant who abuses the internet service and impacts the other tenants ability to use the internet for their studies may have their access to the internet limited or suspended. Each tenant is provided with 20GB of Internet usage per month as part of their rental. Additional usage can be purchased if required.
  8. Noise: With respect of other tenants and neighbouring properties, any music, television, or other loud noises should be limited as per local laws
  9. Door Locks and Keys: Tenants must not tamper with (or change) a door lock on the premises, or make copies of keys without the permission of the Provider
  10. Animals: Tenants must not keep an animal on the premises without the permission of the owner.

We aim to provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment for you to study and relax whilst you complete your University studies.

Tenants who fail to follow the House Rules and those set by Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) will be issued with a Notice to Remedy Breach. Where the breach is not rectified within the set time limit will be issued with a Notice to Leave, resulting in 7 – 14 days to vacate the premises.